The weanling's mothers need new homes.

Now that weaning is over some of our mothers will soon be offered for adoption. All of these mares were rescued from a feedlot in Arizona in 2008, and if by chance you do not know their story simply go to the first entry of the Tranquility Farm Today blog and you will find a link there.

One of the mares who just grabbed my heart was Marged’s Delred. She really deserves a nicer name, and I like to call her Margie. She was just six-years-old and carrying her first foal when we rescued her, and she seemed one of the most crestfallen from her experience. She was very lame from walking on the baking rocks in the feedlot, and she clung for dear life to the side of her friend, a mare who seemed to have great fortitude throughout their ordeal. Because I couldn’t bear to separate these two after they had been through so much together, I brought them both to Tranquility Farm.

The most wonderful surprise was seeing Margie blossom from a scared little waif into a secure and loving mother. Margie was one of the best first- time mothers I have ever had the pleasure to care for. She was patient with her foal from the instant that he was born, and her colt also has the sweetest nature imaginable.
Photo by Anthony Andrews.

Margie is perfectly sound and ready to begin retraining for show or pleasure. She was a winner on the racetrack she should spring back into shape quickly to be ready once again for an athletic second career. Watch our adoption listings soon for an update and more photos of our beautiful Margie.