Dog Days at Tranquility Farm

This weekend we are taking advantage of a great opportunity to better socialize our horses with large dogs. This is especially good for the weanlings who think all dogs are small and white, but lots of our horses off the racetrack have also not had the opportunity to meet many other animals.To broaden our horse's horizons we have a mini goat who roams the farm, guinea hens, chickens, and in the past we had sheep who were escape artists so all the horses got a chance to see them bounding by. But meeting a safe big dog nose-to-nose is an invaluable experience for the weanlings because we want them to grow up with exposure to things horses normally see in the "real world".Our volunteer for "dog school" is Blake, a 10 month-old Golden Lab.
Adoptable two-year-old Capricho absolutely loved Blake. He had the sweetest expression the whole time and he wanted to push him with his nose and even tried to lick him! As always, horses are full of suprises.