Fly to the Wire

Today is the running of the El Cajon Stakes at Del Mar, and it is an appropriate day to honor our retiree Fly to the Wire, who placed second in the El Cajon in 2005. Fly to the Wire ran a total of 28 races, with a remarkable record of 11-9-2. Only six times in his career did he fail to earn a significant share of the purse, or enrich his backers. In addition to the El Cajon Stakes he also placed in the Laz Barrera Memorial Stakes at Hollywood Park, which is a Gr. 2 event.

Fly to the Wire is probably best rmembered for a series of five races that he ran at the very end of his career in the spring of 2006. He won them all; five in a row, and by some miracle he did not get claimed from his trainer Bob Hess. Sadly, in his attempt to win his sixth straight race at Del Mar he suffered a serious tendon injury, and it ended his career.

Fly to the Wire has been with us now for three years, and he is an absolute mountain of a horse with boundless good nature. He loves people, but if you plan to visit him in the pasture, best to wear sensible shoes. Nothing makes Fly to the Wire happier than greeting unsuspecting humans with an friendly push of his gigantic head. All in good fun, just be prepared.
Fly to the Wire at Tranquility Farm in June 2009, photo by Anthony Andrews.