Everything you do is horse training.

I heard this all the time when I was kid. It was repeated daily, whenever I screwed up. So if I had to produce one kernel of great wisdom from the equine Zendo I attended as a child, it could be captured in this simple phrase.

And so on to today, when our great little class of 2009 decided to teach themselves about enjoying water. Not the puddle they love splashing in when we irrigate their paddock, but water from the evil hose. Today’s lesson began as a simple exercise in dust control; it has been really hot and the Santa Ana winds will arrive momentarily.
All of our paddocks need to be wet down daily and when the weanlings were put in tonight I was still in there with the hose, and luckily with my camera in my pocket.

First they clustered shyly behind me, no photo of that phase, but rest you can see. One by one they tested the cooling mist and I simply invited them into it instead of intentionally wetting them. The first to come in for a bath was "Hercules" the de facto leader of the group, with his little brother right behind.

The fillies needed a minute to think, but if this were truly fun no way were the colts having it all to themselves.

Because they learned at their own pace without any coersion they will happily come forward when they see a human with a hose in the future, not try to run away as so many horses do.A bath will forever be associated with fun and affection. Naturally I think Thoroughbreds are geniouses, but this way to socialize weanlings with water is probably helpful with any young horse.If you plan to adopt a hand-raised Thoroughbred for your next horse, see us first!