Tranquility Farm Thanks CARMA

The Board of Tranquility Farm would like to express our thanks to the hard working people of CARMA who have done so much to support the non-profit organizations caring for California's retired Thoroughbreds.

The retired horses of Tranquility Farm have participated in 2,011 races and earned more than fifteen million dollars in purses. We deeply appreciate CARMA's effort to secure a portion of each horse's earnings for their retirement.


Happy Holidays!

This was too good not to share! Thanks to Sandy Milby for the cute photo of her adopted horse, Don'tbeatattletale. Happy Holidays to everyone!



IN the PRESENCE OF CHAMPIONS 2011 featuring Zenyatta, Boys at Tosconova, Super Saver, EZ's Gentleman, Pretty Unusual, Stevie Wonderboy,Papa Clem, the Keeneland 2010September Sale Topper,Caracortado, and beautiful scenes from the world of quality Thoroughbred racing.




Tranquility Farm wishes to thank everyone who contributed to our stallion season auction, all of our season purchasers, and most especially Auction Chairman Barbara Corey for a successful auction. Thanks to all of you for helping us to continue to provide for the 110 horses in the care of Tranquility Farm. In a year which has been difficult for everyone in the horse world, we are most particularly grateful for your help and support!



2010 Annual
Stallion Season Telephone Auction

To benefit the 100 horses in retirement, rehabilitation or awaiting adoption at Tranquility Farm will take place on:

Nov. 21 – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Nov. 22 – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Nov. 23 – 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

To donate a season or submit a bid contact Auction Chairman Barbara Corey by phone or fax at: 909-887-9067.



Saving Pious

Saturday, as the racing world held it’s breath for Zenyatta, a lovely 5 year old chestnut stallion named Pious passed through the ring of a southern California livestock auction that is often the last stop for horses before a Mexican slaughterhouse. Even on Breeder’s Cup Day, the attrition of former Thoroughbred racehorses continues unabated. Pious is a son of the great sire Forestry, and he was sold at the January 2006 Keeneland sale for $240,000. He raced three times without success at Del Mar and Oak Tree as a two year old in 2008, and yesterday afternoon he was rescued for $300.

Pious arrived safely at Tranquility Farm today thanks to Caroline Betts of Southern CA Thoroughbred Rescue who spotted him at the sale, and to Denise Smith who bid for him and provided transportation. We can only save horses like Pious because of the donations of our supporters, so PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TODAY TO HELP PIOUS Pious is a gentle soul and he seems to be quite sound. With a few months of rehabitation and gelding he will make someone a wonderful horse!


Honoring our Cal Cup Stars

Saturday is Cal Cup day at Oak Tree at Hollywood Park, and time to remember and appreciate the stars of past years who have made this such a special day in California racing. Tranquility Farm was the retirement home of the very first Cal Cup Sprint winner, Valiant Pete, and throughout the years many more horses who have reached the pinacle of California racing have joined us. With the exception of Lennyfromalibu, whose retiremet is sponsored by his owner, all of our retired Cal Cup stars are entirely dependant upon Tranquility Farm and our supporters for their retirement. CALIFORNIA'S HORSES NEED TRANQUILITY FARM AND TRANQUILITY FARM NEEDS YOU! Please help us continue to provide these California racing champions with the long and happy life they so deserve!
Lennyfromalibu, Winner, Cal Cup Mile.

Hemet Thought, Second, Cal Cup Mile.
Areyoutalkintome, Winner Cal Cup Sprint.
Full Moon Madness, Winner, Cal Cup Sprint
Patriotaki, Placed Cal Cup Mile.

Running Free, Second, Cal Cup Mile.


Saving Mananan Mclir

Today is Oak Tree Derby Day, and we honor the career of our retiree Mananan Mclir, who placed in the Gr. 2 Oak Tree Derby in 2006. It is a perfect moment to reflect upon the fate of racehorses who are literally abandoned at the racetrack every day. Mananan Mclir started 47 times, and his record was 9-8-4. He was already a stakes winner in England before embarking upon his American career that earned him more than half a million dollars. Among his achievements were winning the Gr.2 American Derby, and placing in the Gr. 2 Oak Tree and Hollywood Derbys. But it seems there was no way Mananan Mclir could do enough to earn the loyalty of any of his former owners, and in the end he was traded down the claiming ranks until he broke down at Hollywood Park on July 4th of 2008. Cast aside and "unwanted", Mananan Mclir became a ward of charity.

Mananan Mclir at Tranquility Farm.

To prevent the exploitation and abandonment of horses at the racetrack is the challenge of our time. But until this is achieved the only thing that horses like Mananan Mclir have to depend upon is charity. The kindness of strangers. California's horses need Tranquility Farm, and Tranquility Farm needs you. We are caring for more than one hundred former racehorses, and the great majority of them have shared the fate of Mananan Mclir. No matter how difficult, they have done everything that was asked of them, because that is the nature of a Thoroughbred. What we have yet to determine is how much longer racing will allow the abandonment of injured horses to be considered nothing more than just the unfortunate nature of a human being?


Our Morvich Handicap winner Geronimo

Rescue takes many forms, and sometimes even the best and brightest in the racing world find themselves in need of a friend. So it was that Geronimo (Chi)came to Tranquility Farm after being vanned off in his forty-fourth start in a claiming race at Del Mar in July of 2006. Geronimo had a record of 11 wins, 10 second place finishes and 6 times third with earnings of $464,150. Among his many accomplishments are running in three consecutive Gr.3 Morvich Handicaps, which will be run tomorrow at Oak Tree. Geronimo placed third in the 2003 Morvich Hcp, forth in 2004, and he won it by a head in 2005.

Geronimo and his pals Stormin Away and I Love Silver are living the good life today at Tranquility Farm thanks entirely to the help of our supporters, which include the Oak Tree Foundation. We thank them so much for their faithful support of these former stars.


Update: Pregnant Mare Rescue

There has been a very good response to the plight of the 20 Thoroughbreds that were sold to a Chino, California feedlost from the Euclid Auction last Saturday night. Many rescues and private individuals have stepped forward, but there are four broodmares and one nice four-year-old-bay colt by Compelling Sound that still need homes. Please see below:

PLEASE forward this posting to as many people as possible who may be able to provide a home for one of these horses. Thank you.
CONTACT: CAROLINE BETTS, Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue at 661-305-9021

Lochanara (1986 mare?, possibly in foal to Chachacharlie) - sold for $100 at auction
Unnamed 06 bay colt (Compelling Sound - Whisper Wildley) - sold for $185 at auction
Bay mare, 7yo, pedigree unknown - sold for $175 at auction
Chestnut mare, 10yo, pedigree unknown -sold for $75 at auction
Dark bay mare, 10yo, pedigree unknown -
These mares are believed to be in foal to the stallion ChachaCharlie. The paperwork for the unidentified mares is being researched.


Eventing prospects

We get lots of calls for eventing prospects from people wanting a big, "slow" horse with no previous injuries. But they are calling a farm that takes horses off the racetrack, so the answer is often good luck with that.

Meanwhile the World Equestrian Games in Lexington is stoking the fire for future event riders in the US, showcasing world-class athletes that go from racing cross-country to composed elegance in the dressage ring. What hope does a rider of average means have to find a horse with this much athleticism and talent?

The answer is obvious. You find a young horse with good conformation and a good mind, and you train it yourself. From day one. Training is faster, easier, and often more rewarding than "retraining", especially for a horse that is destined to perform at the highest levels. This seems to be a well-kept secret.

With this in mind, Tranquility's adoption page will soon feature many beautiful young Thoroughbreds that were raised here, and with very few exceptions they are all the offspring of rescued broodmares. The foal crop in California has dropped 50% in the last five years, so for serious riders preparing for the future, the time to look for a young horse is now!


Urgent. Act to End Horse Slaughter

Please act to help bring HR 503 to the House Floor for a vote!

Representative James Moran needs your help to get H.R. 503 to a vote in the House!
U.S. Representative James Moran is circulating the letter set out below to all members of the House of Representatives for their signature. Once signatures have been gathered, Rep. Moran and members of the House of Representatives will present the letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The letter calls on Speaker Pelosi to bring the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, H.R. 503, to a vote by the full House of Representatives immediately.

Tranquility Farm, Equine Welfare Alliance, and Animal Law Coalition urge you to call on your U.S. representative to sign this letter now!

Click Here to find the name and contact information for your U.S. representative in Washington: You can also call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your U.S. representative. The letter must be signed by Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010. It is best to call or fax your representative. Tell your representative that you urge him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor and contact Rep. Moran and sign the letter calling on Speaker Pelosi to schedule a vote on the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, H.R. 503. Be sure to tell your representative that you live in his or her district and ask for a copy of the letter with your representative's signature! Go here to find out if your rep is already a co-sponsor and, if so, urge him or her to sign the letter!

H.R. 503 will put an end to the slaughter of American horses. Only a federal law can stop this tragedy.
Read the bill here



The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Office of the Speaker of the House
H-232, The U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Madame Speaker:

We write to you in strong support of the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503), legislation to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption and prevent the export of live horses for the same purpose. With 183 bipartisan cosponsors in the House, 28 in the Senate, and tremendous public support, we urge you to allow this bill a vote in the House.

Equine slaughter is inhumane by nature. Horses have a fractious reaction to the stress induced by chutes, kill boxes, puntilla knives and captive bolt stun systems, causing these animals to suffer immensely and die an inhumane death. These animals are subjected to brutal transport conditions on their way to slaughter facilities. In addition, the consumption of horsemeat poses a serious public health threat as this meat contains substances banned for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Since 2005, Congress has repeatedly voted to shut down the cruel practice of horse slaughter and included appropriations language to defund the USDA inspection of horses and horsemeat as a stopgap measure until a permanent federal ban is passed. The last three horse slaughter plants on U.S. soil were closed by enforcement of state law in Texas and a recently enacted ban on horse slaughter in Illinois. As you know, California overwhelmingly banned horse slaughter over a decade ago, and the state legislature just passed a resolution in favor of passing the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act.

Still, American horses continue to be sent over the border for human consumption. Since January of this year, approximately 53,850 horses have been transported across our nation's borders into the cruelty of slaughter in Mexico and Canada. This number amounts to about 100,000 horses annually, 1,500 per week, or one every five minutes.

As cosponsors of H.R. 503, we, along with millions of Americans and animal protection organizations such as the Animal Welfare Institute and the Humane Society of the United States, urge you to bring this bill to the House floor for a vote.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this critical legislation.

Best regards,


Lava Lil finds a home!

Spunky Lava Lil has packed a whole lot into her eleven years. She raced forty times with a record of 3-2-11, and earned $48,466. A daughter of Stage Colony, it is not suprising that she retired sound and full of zest for life. In a Jockey Club survey of American sires rated for the soundness and longevity of their runners,former California sire Stage Colony got very high marks.

For an encore to her racing career, Lava Lil produced a beautiful filly,and she was an excellent mother. But when her foal was weaned it was clear that Lil needed something to occupy her active mind.

So it was off to take a short course in hunter work with trainer Darcy Edwards in Lakeside, CA. Lil took to her retraining with her characteristic enthusiasm, but due to her diminutive stature she was overlooked many times by potential adopters at Tranquility Farm.

At last re-schooling is paying off for Lava Lil and she will soon leave us for the dream job of being adored by the kids she will give riding lessons to, and having a whole lot of attention and fun. Lil has finally found an adopter who realizes very good things can come in small packages, especially a perky pony that has been so successful at everything she has ever put her hoof to!



Today is the last day of the Del Mar meet,with the traditional running of the Pirates Bounty Handicap. What better day to honor our retiree Areyoutalkintome, who competed in this race three times, winning it in 2006 and running second in 2005. Here is a horse who knows what it is like to have skin in the game. He was a fiercely competitive racehorse who ran a total of 52 times with record of 10-15-7 and amassed earnings of $985,417.

Photo by Anthony Andrews

Even today, after two leisurely years in retirement at Tranquility Farm, Areyoutalkintome prefers to be in a private paddock without the bother of other horses in his space. So be it, he has earned all the happiness we can give him. And he also earned the right to some of that incredible money he made running his heart out on the racetrack, so that he could retire with dignity. If ever there was a poster boy for mandating funds for retiring Thoroughbreds it is Areyoutalkintome.


An Appreciation of Fly to the Wire

As Del Mar winds down we appreciate another of our past stars, Fly to the Wire, who placed in the 2003 running of the El Cajon Stakes early in his stellar career. This sturdy son of Birdonthewire raced a total of 28 times with 11 wins, 9 places, 2 shows, and total earnings of $318,000. Fly to the Wire was rarely out of the money, and he culminated his fabulous career as a six-year-old running at Del Mar for his sixth straight victory when he bowed his tendon and was retired from racing.
Photo by Anthony Andrews

Since 2007 Tranquility Farm has been Fly to the Wire's home, and he loves to socialize with everyone, human and equine. Although he is a massive horse and as tough as they come on the racetrack, he has never met a stranger.


Celebrating Full Moon Madness

As luck would have it the day we picked to honor another of our Del Mar stars, Full Moon Madness, coincides with the full moon! And like "Moonie", tonight's moon is extrodinary as Mars will be so near to earth as to almost appear to be a second moon. What better day to celebrate our fabulous retiree who ran third in the Gr. 2 Pat O'Brien Breeders Cup Handicap at Del Mar in 2003, on his way to earning more than a million dollars over a nine-year, seventy-two race career.

But Moonie is yet another horse who arrived at Tranquility Farm with nothing from that great big bag of money that he won. And so tonight I'll be wishing on that star for Moonie and asking his friends and fans to HELP KEEP MOONIE HAPPY!


Two more stars of Del Mar

Today we honor our retirees Stormin Away, who won the Harry F. Brubaker Stakes in 2006, and Geronimo, winner of the Green Flash Handicap in 2004. Both of these horses contributed stellar performances to past Del Mar meets, and thanks to Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and our many supporters, they are now living the good life at Tranquility Farm. Our retirees rely on each and every one of us for their future. Please HELP! The horses THANK YOU!


Against all odds

We have another wonderful adoption to celebrate, Brighter Stars and Winston, two young geldings who survived rejection by the commercial breeding industry and were raised at Tranquility Farm, have found a loving home. Every year the sales for young Thoroughbreds get worse, and every year there are more and more fabulous young horses looking for homes outside of racing. Right now opportunity is everywhere to adopt horses like Brighter Stars and Winston, seen here in their first evening at their new home. It seems like they are having a soulful talk about leaving Tranquility Farm and finding their very own family. It seems like they are saying, "We can't believe our luck."


Honoring Marvin's Faith

This Sunday Del Mar will run the Grade 3 La Jolla Handicap, a race that was won by Tranquility Farm retiree Marvin's Faith in 1994. Bred in Ireland, Marvin raced 29 times in North America with six wins including the Gr.2 Elkhorn Stakes at Keeneland, where he set a new course record for a mile and an eighth on the turf, and the Gr. 3 Bay Meadows Derby.

At age 19 Marvin is still a fit, happy horse, living the good life with his friends in Tranquility Farm's pastures. We call their run-in shed "millionair's row", but like most of our retired stars, Marvin didn't arrive here with a bag of all that money he made racing. For Marvin, and for all his many friends, we ask for your SUPPORT.


Fire Lookout Adopted!

Gorgeous Fire Lookout has found a super home in Arizona as a dressage and pleasure horse, destined ultimately for the show ring. A son of the champion mare Riboletta, Fire Lookout was bred and raced by Aaron and Marie Jones, and won three of his six starts. Tranquility Farm thanks Mr. and Mrs. Jones for sending us this extordinary horse for adoption.


Celebrating new adoptions!

Today we celebrate finding a great home for Yourway Highway! This lovely granddaughter of Secretariat raced eleven times with a record of 1-1-2, and earned $23,000. In 2008 she was rescued from the Euclid Livestock auction. She was starved, neglected, and she had nearly died from foaling. In the two years that she has been with us Yourway Highway has become healthy and beautiful, and she has always been sweet-tempered and kind.

Yourway Highway left us today to become the treasured pet and pleasure horse of Lara in Bakersfield. She is one of the lucky ones, and wonderful horses like her are the reason horse rescuers struggle all over this country to give as many as possible a second chance. We hope her story will inspire people to rescue and adopt. There are so many like her out there right now, simply victims of circumstance who wound up in the wrong hands. Please give them a chance.


Tehachapi Fire Update

Thanks to everyone who has called in to check on the horses here at Tranquility Farm! Thankfully, we are all safe and the fire is on the opposite side of the mountain from Cummings Valley where the farm is located, with no probability of spreading in our direction. The air is good, the horses are fine, and we really appreciate everyone's concern!


More hitting the trail

Thanks to Charity Fillmore of South Carolina for sending this beautiful photo of her adopted horse Fete in the Atlantic Ocean. What a bit of horse heaven this must be. If you missed reading about the rescue and adoption of Fete here is a link to the story written by Jay Hovdey in the Daily Racing Form,Old Warriors Two of the Lucky Ones.


Hitting the trail

What better way to see the world than through the ears of a beautiful Thoroughbred horse? Yet for some reason, there is a pervasive myth that you cannot ride trails safely on an OTTB. Not so, as I and many of Tranquility Farm’s adopters have discovered.Send us your trail photos!

These lovely ears belong to Shine for Priscilla, a filly that had just one start at the racetrack and basically had no idea what her job in life was going to be until she was adopted. Lots of Thoroughbreds that you will find for adoption have a very similar story, so do not assume anything about training a Thoroughbred for trail other than the fact that the horse will never have been down one before.

Trail training is the same for all horses. First partner with your horse in the arena and in safe open areas so that you are confident that you can control him in all situations and that he trusts you. Second, partner with a friend who has an experienced trail horse who can mentor your horse when you go outside the confines of a familiar area. Go slow and make the experience easy and enjoyable for your horse. If your horse will pony it is an excellent way to get started.

The best way to prepare for trail riding is working to negotiate obstacles at home. Provide your horse with challenging puzzles to build his agility and confidence and he will be much better prepared to THINK before he moves his feet out in open country! Happy Trails!


Adventures in racehorse retraining

Samantha Miller adopted the beautiful gelding Wise One from Tranquiliy earlier this summer, and has decided to create her own blog about his progress in retraining. Each horse and human pair is unique, with their own challenges and their own rewards. Here is a link to SAMANTHA'S BLOG and I hope all adopters and potential adopters will find encouragement and comraderie in her stories. And here again is the lovely Wise One, now known as "ARES", its his blog too.


New Adoptable Fire Lookout!

Tranquility Farm has many new adoptables for summer 2010, and among the most beautiful is Fire Lookout, 5 year old 16.3 hand gelding by Forest Camp out of the great champion mare Riboletta. Fire Lookout is a friendly, sensible horse that will make a stunning dressage horse for an experienced rider. Come and see this lovely horse in action!


A Spa Day for Invited Guest

When we are fortunate enough to have volunteers at Tranquility Farm it is the perfect opportunity to bring some of the retired horses out of the pasture for a day of spa treatment and pampering. Here is volunteer Lauryn walking the bathed, groomed and and ever-so-proud Invited Guest, who at age 26 still wants us to remember that she is a big time race horse.


New Adoptable Anna's Mishi

Beautiful Anna's Mishi had a warmblood foal last year, and she is now offered for adoption as a sport horse prospect. Anna is 7 years old, 16 hands, unraced, and she has no history of injury or unsoundness. Anna is broke to ride but she will need some preliminary work to start a new career. This pretty mare has one of the sweetest dispositions imaginable and she is naturally quite and sensible.


If horses had holidays.

If horses cerebrated holidays the first days of going out into their summer pasture would certainly be IT! This is Christmas and New Year all in one big party for the retired geldings who have to wait all winter long to go out into the fields that were reseeded last fall.This year we put up an electric tape line to divide the pasture into two sections so that part of the field can be rested and irrigated to extend the grass season for the entire summer.

Tranquility Farm sends a special THANK YOU to the Amerman Family Foundation for a grant to till and reseed other pastures that suffered badly during the incredibly long and wet winter this year!

In a few short months we will be having a block party for the horses on the other sections of the farm, but today we celebrate a high holiday with our superstar geldings.
Southern Wish
Running Free
The Happy Campers
Stormin Away looks like he is thinking "Is this for real?"


Precious moments

The first time I met Now My Precious she had just been unloaded from a caravan of horse trailers with the forty Warren broodmares that Tranquility Farm rescued from a hell hole in Arizona. It was 114 degrees, and the mares were all dehydrated and stressed. Quite a few of them also had untreated cuts and other injuries that would require veterinary care. We unloaded them into a big shady corral with feed and clean water where they could all be sorted out.

This proved to be no small feat as some of the mares had decided they had seen enough of human beings, and who could blame them? But out of the crowd a beautiful bay mare walked up to me with the kindest eye and when she saw the trouble I was having catching some of her sisters, she pitched right in to help. She went with me to the mare I wanted and stood by to quietly reassure her, and sometimes she blocked one that tried to walk away. At first I thought it was coincidental, but the bay mare stuck with me all day and saw to it that every mare was caught and taken care of. That helpful mare was Now My Precious. I took her home.

Precous had a beautiful colt last year, and since weaning him I have been hoping for the right home for her, where she could be a part of a real family and have all the love she deserved. Finally, her people arrived, and this week Precious will go home with a little girl named Jordan to be the love of her life.

Jordan's mom explained to me that it was so important to both of them to adopt rather than buy a horse because Jordan had been adopted, so they knew that giving a home to a rescued horse would be the very best thing they could ever do.


Six degrees of Preakness

I always liked the movie Six Degrees of Separation, and in the world of Thoroughbred racing it seems we are all just getting closer every day. Hardly a major race goes by that one of the horses at Tranquility Farm, or a graduate, does not have a connection. And so to celebrate the Preakness Stakes this weekend, here is a photo of our own Preakness contender, Menacing Dennis.

This very weekend Menacing Dennis is probably out carrying the young lady who adopted him around the hunter ring somewhere in Southern California. But on the third Saturday of May 2002, our own Dennis was setting blazing fractions in the Preakness Stakes, defying the likes of War Emblem, Medaglia d Oro, Harlan’s Holiday and Proud Citizen to come and get him. Well unfortunately they did, but Dennis put on a brave and spectacular run for three-quarters of a mile, taking his best shot at history.
We found a great home for Menacing Dennis in 2005, and since that time he has been living happily ever-after as a well-loved pet and show horse. It was a thrill to have given this amazing horse his happy ending, and to have been even a small part of his admirable career.


On Mother's Day

When Tranquility Farm opened in March of 1998, among the very first horses to take shelter at the farm were six rescued pregnant mares. And so it went for ten long years which culminated with the rescue of the forty Warren broodmares from a feedlot in Arizona in 2008.

This spring the reckless breeding of horses seems to have finally abated as the numbers have dropped nearly 40% in our state over the last five years. For the first time this spring our barn has not been converted into an emergency nursery, and the relief is enormous. To honor some of the wonderful mares who have come to us over the years, here are some favorite photos to celebrate Mother's Day. If you have donated to Tranquility Farm in the past, here are a few of the horses whose lives you have saved. If you are considering a donation to Tranquility Farm, here are a few of the reasons we need your SUPPORT
Ventilation and Callthewindmariah
Lava Lil and Minnahunie
Rescued Mares 2007.
Grandjean and Brighter Stars
The incredibly patient Flightofthemonarch and colt.