Tranquility Farm has recently completed our move to a new property in northern California in order to continue our mission of providing quality retirement for Thoroughbred horses at the conclusion of their careers.

We specifically sought out a quiet, rural location that could provide a pasture- based sanctuary for twenty-some retirees that will be personally cared for by Priscilla Clark. This move was in response to changes in the economic and natural environment that have made caring for a large number of horses increasingly challenging. At this time we will no longer be able to offer retrained horses for adoption as the focus of our downsized farm will be caring for a limited number of horses needing a secure retirement. 

                                             3850 HACIENDA RD.
                                             COTTONWOOD CA 96022

PHONE:         530-347-3040

E MAIL         info@tranquilityfarmtbs.org

Thanks to our wonderful adopters all of the adoptable horses from our Tehachapi location have found great homes. We especially wish to thank CARMA, Helen Meredith of United Pegasus Foundation, and Michael Blowen of Old Friends for their invaluable help in the partial dispersal of our retired geldings. 

We would also like to thank Dr. Tom Willis DVM who purchased the original Tranquility Farm property and who continues to care for several of Tranquility's horses there as boarders. Tranquility Farm is partnering with Dr. Willis to continue to offer tax deductible retirement options at the original Tehachapi property. For information contact Priscilla Clark at 530-347-3040.