Today five horses will compete in the Pirate’s Bounty Stakes at the closing of the Del Mar meet. May they all come home safely, and may the best horse win, as did Tranquility Farm’s retiree Areyoutalkintome in both 2005 and 2006. As significant as this seems, it is just a brief highlight in the career of a horse that ran 52 times with 10 wins including the Cal Cup Sprint; the Gr. 3 El Conejo Handicap in 2005 and 2007, and the Los Angeles Times Handicap. Areyoutalkintome also ran in the Breeder's Cup,and ultimately retired with career earnings of $985,416.

Areyoutalkintome retires to Tranquility Farm in April 2008.

Wow! Only $14,584 short of a million dollars! Without a doubt, Areyoutalkintome is an amazing horse. Not only did he survive 52 races but he did it with his health and dignity intact. Surely one reason that he had such great success as a racehorse is that he has implicit trust in human beings. He can be counted upon in every situation to act with kindness and generosity. This may explain why he was willing to lay his life on the line so many times to achieve the victories desired by his human partners.

But the humans he so trusted failed him. In spite of his years of effort and hard won victories, nothing was ever put in place to provide for Areyoutalkintome when he could no longer race. As incredible as it seems, after winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in purses and breeder’s awards, he was plucked from a low level claiming race in 2008 and depends upon the mercies of charity to provide for him in his time of need. So ended his illustrious career.

Tranquility Farm was there when Areyoutalkintome needed us. It has been our particular pleasure to make sure that this gallant horse never for one moment doubts that he is held in the highest esteem even though we are not the humans that have benefited so richly from his remarkable achievements. He came to us with his head held high and fire in his eyes, and we hope he will always stay that way.