Adoptable horses shine.

We had a very busy weekend at Tranquility Farm, and three of our horses had serious adoption interviews on Sunday. Sea Kris, had a great workout in the round-pen and very much impressed with his quick response to voice commands and his willingness to work in an obedient manner. We are taking care of so many horses here that we don’t have a budget for training staff, and it is really gratifying that the horses remember their lessons and work so honestly when we show them.

Bonanza Two also had his day in the limelight and he was so beautiful cantering lightly around and paying close attention to everything he was asked to do. His talent must be natural, because he was turned out for two years before returning to us for adoption. I always wonder as I start new horses if they incredibly smart and remember former training from long ago or if they are actually capable of learning my commands almost instantly.It is a riddle I may never solve, but either way, Bonanza worked beautifully and seemed to really enjoy himself.


After being very impressed with the work of both our hunter candidates our visitors absolutely fell in love with two year old Capricho! His sweet disposition and penchant for giving people hugs and following them around like a huge dog just bowled them over. So now they must decide, and it is a very tough choice. If you plan to visit Tranquility Farm to adopt a horse expect a surfeit of riches!