Weaning update

The class of 2009 is pretty outstanding. Not only are they big, good-looking babies, but they are sensible and very keen to be good little citizens. They are at this point pretty much ignoring their mothers so the "security blanket" of having them in the next paddock will end soon. What they seem the most interested in right now is absolutely mobbing me or any of the farm staff for attention. This includes some mouthy behavior, so a bit of gentle discipline is now needed to keep them from being overly exhuberant. It is fascinating to see them grow in confidence and develop their own herding behavior.

On a big farm with lots of foals the colts and fillies would be seperated at weaning. Alas, we are a little farm, really cramped for space, so this cannot happen for a while. This makes for a very interesting dynamic because the fillies immediately figure out that they are in charge of the colts. Don't ask me how this happens but it is the same every year. The two bay colts are both by the same sire,Mongol Warrior,and other than size they are nearly identical. They have formed a defensive pact to fend off the fillies,headed by the larger of the two out of Now My Precious,whose baby name is "Hercules".

This little redhead on a mission is the last foal in California sired by Seattle Bound,and she is practicing her newly acquired skill of bossing the colts out of their feeder. And far above any petty squabbles is the exquisite dark bay filly that has double Caro bloodlines. Blessed with class and good sense from birth, she simply floats above the fray.