Our rehab goes high-tech.

Suddenly it feels like fall here in the mountains with cool and cloudy skies, and evening comes way too soon on a farm with more than one hundred horses to check on before the sun goes down. Today was entirely taken up with veterinary work, dealing with the real problems of our horses.

Fire Lookout had his second set of x- rays on the sesamoid bone he fractured last December, and as great as he looks and feels, he needs another check in a few months to be sure that it is completely healed. The great news is that there is marked improvement from his initial injury, and that it is healing cleanly. He is such a happy horse I had high hopes that he would be ready for a little more exercise, but he is still in rehab for a while. We have had many other horses go on to be riding horses with this type of injury, so we hope he will be ready in the spring.
One of the veterinarians that we work with, Pacific Crest Equine, has just purchased an amazing new digital x- ray machine, and for the first time here at the farm we can have state-of-the-art imaging done without hauling miles to a clinic. This is so wonderful! As we discussed Fire Lookout’s prognosis we could zoom in on every minute feature of his bone and rotate the image to see every possible view. Even though I had hoped to see a complete recovery, this was enchanting, like looking at the surface of the moon.

After the wonderful high- tech fun our regular farm veterinarian, Dr. Steve Bond, who is my “baby man”, came to check on one of the weanlings that came down with a fever and a cold. She had been started on antibiotics, but I wanted her lungs checked and thankfully she is doing fine. A sick baby is always very high stress so I have been hovering over the weanlings like a mother chicken for the last two days, praying this is something that will be mild and not real contagious. As we checked the filly all the others crowded around and tried to give Dr. Bond hugs. He said these kids are “Too dang friendly!” Mission accomplished.