More Adoptions!

The past week has been very busy at Tranquility Farm, and we have had lots of people visiting us looking for good horses. They came to the right place, and everyone has had a hard time deciding which of our many beauties to take home and make their own. I tell everyone the same thing, to let their heart make the choice. This may seem counter-intuitive in a time when so many horses are considered to only to have value based upon how fast they can run or how high they can jump.

But I have been blessed to live with horses long enough that I have seen the love that lives forever in the old one's eyes, and to me it is the ultimate reward, long after their races are run. Its a well-kept secret, how much horses care for humans, and visitors to Tranquility Farm marvel when we walk out into a pasture full of retired horses and they literally get mobbed for pets and affection.You see horses never give up on humans,so there might still be hope for us.
Congratulations to the lucky new owners of Sea Kris and Seeking Perfection, who made the wise choice and followed their hearts.


Help the horses!

We had a magnificent sunset tonight after a week of raging storms, and walking out among the horses as I do each evening I marveled once again at the collection of beautiful souls that have somehow found their way through the minefield of horse existence to reach safety at our farm. And when I returned from the evening chores, this e mail was waiting….

A hearing on HR503 The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act is on the agenda for the House Judiciary Committee Feb 2,2010, at 4:00 pm.

It means if this legislation is ever enacted that horses will not be trucked from across the entire western United States to be hacked to death by machetes in Mexico. I’m sorry people but there is no genteel way of describing the horrific death of horses that are sold through our southern border for slaughter.

It means that horses from the east coast will not be trucked for days without food and water to meet their doom in a Canadian slaughterhouse. When you combine these statistics we are talking about more than 100, 000 American horses every year.

Above all the passage of this legislation would mean that the will of the American people, who have overwhelmingly supported a total ban on horse slaughter in the US at every asking, would finally have their voices heard in the halls of Congress.

Once again, my friends, we must overcome cynicism, apathy and despair. We can CONTACT OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES TO LEARN HOW THEY HAVE VOTED IN THE PAST AND TO ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR HR 503.

And we can CONTACT THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE to ask that they allow this simple and straightforward bill to come to the floor of the house for a vote. We can make them abundantly aware that any American horse that is killed for consumption in a foreign culture, for foreign profit, is an outrage to the fundamental values of our society. Make your voices heard!!


Update from Don'tbeatattletale

I had a very nice suprise this morning checking e mail as I looked out the window into the ferocious rain and wind where I'm soon headed. Here is an update from Don'tbeatattle tale who is doing wonderfully in his new home learning dressage. We have many more horses for adoption who have star potential, and all you have to do is wait for some decent weather and show up to see them.

His new owners write "Don'tbeatattletale is doing Fantastic, we are so happy with him, Whitney is now riding him on her own. We love him so much, thank you very much for this wonderful horse and all you do for the Thoroughbred breed."

Well that certainly makes trudging in the rain all day a little easier, just thinking about all the talent we have in the barn waiting for their chance to shine!


First Adoption of the New Year!

Today we are absolutely under water at Tranquility Farm, we have three barns full of horses and the rain and wind are pounding relentlessly. But yesterday, as the first storm clouds were rolling in, the handsome Moonlit Moment found his forever home. He has gone to live with three generations of adoring women, mom, daughters and grandkids, and we know that nothing could make him happier. Although it has been wonderful having him with us we know he was just here waiting for the the chance to use his talents and have a family to fill his loving heart.
We have two more adoptions pending and I wonder who will be the next lucky horse to leave with his own special person?


Our Newly Minted Yearlings: The colts

We had a rare day of true sun yesterday and I was able to get some photos of the now yearlings. Every day they look bigger! They have become model citizens, walking in and out of the barn in an orderly fashion, and they truly enjoy their barn time every day. Each of these is going to make someone a wonderful horse, we have two colts and three fillies to offer this year to approved homes. Here are Scythian and Happy Warrior, both by MONGOL WARRIOR.


Do you have your 2010 In the Presence of Champions calendar?


And here is what some other folks have to say about our calendars...
"I received my calendar and it's GREAT!!! You guys did an awesome job, it was more than I expected. This may become a yearly tradition for me. Everyone who has received one so far has said the same. I like the creative approach your organization has taken to bring awareness and help the horses."
Matt Galbreth, TVG

"Many thanks for the calendar for 2010, which, let's hope, will be a banner year for Tranquility Farm. Love the photos and, like last year's calendar, this one will hang right above my computer." Jack Shinar, Bloodhorse


Who will be our first 2010 adoption?

January is always an exciting month. The weanlings are suddenly yearlings, and the yearlings from last year have turned two and are finally getting to the age where adopters begin to take a real interest in them. There is a lot of patience involved in gettting horses adopted, whether you are raising young ones to training age or working through a long rehab, it is just never quick and easy but seeing these beautiful healthy horses makes it worth the wait. Here are our brand new shiney two-year- olds, Brighter Stars and McCoullagh. These beautiful boys have been recently gelded and they are going to make gorgeous sporthorses. Now is the perfect time to begin their training!
Brighter Stars by High Brite out of Grandjean, born Feb. 2008.
McCoullahg, by Race For Glory out of Celize, born Mar. 2008.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Birthday to all of our equine friends! It looks like our friend Lukas, aka the world's smartest horse, may have had a few too many carrots.

Lukas photo courtesy of Karen Murdock.