If horses had holidays.

If horses cerebrated holidays the first days of going out into their summer pasture would certainly be IT! This is Christmas and New Year all in one big party for the retired geldings who have to wait all winter long to go out into the fields that were reseeded last fall.This year we put up an electric tape line to divide the pasture into two sections so that part of the field can be rested and irrigated to extend the grass season for the entire summer.

Tranquility Farm sends a special THANK YOU to the Amerman Family Foundation for a grant to till and reseed other pastures that suffered badly during the incredibly long and wet winter this year!

In a few short months we will be having a block party for the horses on the other sections of the farm, but today we celebrate a high holiday with our superstar geldings.
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The Happy Campers
Stormin Away looks like he is thinking "Is this for real?"