Today is the last day of the Del Mar meet,with the traditional running of the Pirates Bounty Handicap. What better day to honor our retiree Areyoutalkintome, who competed in this race three times, winning it in 2006 and running second in 2005. Here is a horse who knows what it is like to have skin in the game. He was a fiercely competitive racehorse who ran a total of 52 times with record of 10-15-7 and amassed earnings of $985,417.

Photo by Anthony Andrews

Even today, after two leisurely years in retirement at Tranquility Farm, Areyoutalkintome prefers to be in a private paddock without the bother of other horses in his space. So be it, he has earned all the happiness we can give him. And he also earned the right to some of that incredible money he made running his heart out on the racetrack, so that he could retire with dignity. If ever there was a poster boy for mandating funds for retiring Thoroughbreds it is Areyoutalkintome.