On Mother's Day

When Tranquility Farm opened in March of 1998, among the very first horses to take shelter at the farm were six rescued pregnant mares. And so it went for ten long years which culminated with the rescue of the forty Warren broodmares from a feedlot in Arizona in 2008.

This spring the reckless breeding of horses seems to have finally abated as the numbers have dropped nearly 40% in our state over the last five years. For the first time this spring our barn has not been converted into an emergency nursery, and the relief is enormous. To honor some of the wonderful mares who have come to us over the years, here are some favorite photos to celebrate Mother's Day. If you have donated to Tranquility Farm in the past, here are a few of the horses whose lives you have saved. If you are considering a donation to Tranquility Farm, here are a few of the reasons we need your SUPPORT
Ventilation and Callthewindmariah
Lava Lil and Minnahunie
Rescued Mares 2007.
Grandjean and Brighter Stars
The incredibly patient Flightofthemonarch and colt.