Lava Lil finds a home!

Spunky Lava Lil has packed a whole lot into her eleven years. She raced forty times with a record of 3-2-11, and earned $48,466. A daughter of Stage Colony, it is not suprising that she retired sound and full of zest for life. In a Jockey Club survey of American sires rated for the soundness and longevity of their runners,former California sire Stage Colony got very high marks.

For an encore to her racing career, Lava Lil produced a beautiful filly,and she was an excellent mother. But when her foal was weaned it was clear that Lil needed something to occupy her active mind.

So it was off to take a short course in hunter work with trainer Darcy Edwards in Lakeside, CA. Lil took to her retraining with her characteristic enthusiasm, but due to her diminutive stature she was overlooked many times by potential adopters at Tranquility Farm.

At last re-schooling is paying off for Lava Lil and she will soon leave us for the dream job of being adored by the kids she will give riding lessons to, and having a whole lot of attention and fun. Lil has finally found an adopter who realizes very good things can come in small packages, especially a perky pony that has been so successful at everything she has ever put her hoof to!