Precious moments

The first time I met Now My Precious she had just been unloaded from a caravan of horse trailers with the forty Warren broodmares that Tranquility Farm rescued from a hell hole in Arizona. It was 114 degrees, and the mares were all dehydrated and stressed. Quite a few of them also had untreated cuts and other injuries that would require veterinary care. We unloaded them into a big shady corral with feed and clean water where they could all be sorted out.

This proved to be no small feat as some of the mares had decided they had seen enough of human beings, and who could blame them? But out of the crowd a beautiful bay mare walked up to me with the kindest eye and when she saw the trouble I was having catching some of her sisters, she pitched right in to help. She went with me to the mare I wanted and stood by to quietly reassure her, and sometimes she blocked one that tried to walk away. At first I thought it was coincidental, but the bay mare stuck with me all day and saw to it that every mare was caught and taken care of. That helpful mare was Now My Precious. I took her home.

Precous had a beautiful colt last year, and since weaning him I have been hoping for the right home for her, where she could be a part of a real family and have all the love she deserved. Finally, her people arrived, and this week Precious will go home with a little girl named Jordan to be the love of her life.

Jordan's mom explained to me that it was so important to both of them to adopt rather than buy a horse because Jordan had been adopted, so they knew that giving a home to a rescued horse would be the very best thing they could ever do.