Celebrating new adoptions!

Today we celebrate finding a great home for Yourway Highway! This lovely granddaughter of Secretariat raced eleven times with a record of 1-1-2, and earned $23,000. In 2008 she was rescued from the Euclid Livestock auction. She was starved, neglected, and she had nearly died from foaling. In the two years that she has been with us Yourway Highway has become healthy and beautiful, and she has always been sweet-tempered and kind.

Yourway Highway left us today to become the treasured pet and pleasure horse of Lara in Bakersfield. She is one of the lucky ones, and wonderful horses like her are the reason horse rescuers struggle all over this country to give as many as possible a second chance. We hope her story will inspire people to rescue and adopt. There are so many like her out there right now, simply victims of circumstance who wound up in the wrong hands. Please give them a chance.