Tranquility Farm Launches Blog.

Today, Aug. 15, 2009, marks the one year anniversary of Tranquility Farm’s rescue of 40 pregnant broodmares from a horse killer’s feedlot in Phoenix, AZ. This was a landmark event in our mission to save Thoroughbreds from neglect and slaughter. Reflecting on this day I can still hear the voices of grave concern from the hundreds of people who called to offer their help. As I reflect back I am still in awe of the incredible outpouring of generosity that it took to bring all those mares to safety.

Communication was the key. Because of the efforts of Jack Shinar of The Blood-Horse, who faithfully chronicled our struggle to save the mares, horse lovers everywhere were given an intimate account of this massive rescue effort. Today seems an auspicious day to launch this blog, and to once again invite horse lovers to share in the daily life of a Thoroughbred retirement farm with all the challenges that must be met to rescue and rehab former racehorses.

Here you will learn about Tranquility Farm’s famous retirees, and how they navigated the perils of life after racing to find safety of our pastures. Here you will meet the injured horses in our rehab barn and take with them the many small steps towards making them whole. Here you will see the beautiful young Thoroughbreds that are being raised for adoption at Tranquility Farm. They are all the offspring of the rescued mares that are so plentiful of late.

Visit often,and you will see their faces and learn their stories.

Here are foals of Baby Bountiful, Now My Precious, and Snowy's Mark; all rescued Aug. 15, 2008.