Invited Guest

In January of 2009 an e mail circulated that someone had advertised a 25-year-old graded stakes winning mare on Craigslist as a “free kid’s horse.” As unlikely as this sounded we had to check this story out, and, lo and behold, we found Invited Guest.

At twenty- five she was no longer useful for breeding, and it seemed she might be in eminent danger of slipping through the cracks and into the hands of the sharks that comb even the internet in their insatiable quest for horse meat. Beware.

Invited Guest arrived here very thin and looking like she had spent far too much of the winter out in the weather for her advanced age. But with a couple of months of stall care and daily pampering she bounced back to good health and happily went out to pasture with our other old retired ladies who treat her like the queen she is.

These are the highlights of her racing career, with US earnings of $505,469:
1st Candelabra S. Gr.3 (GB) Fillies Mile Gr.3 (GB), Prix de Psyche (Fr-G3), San Gorgino H. Gr.2 (USA), Golden Poppy H. Gr.3 (USA), Dahlia H. Gr.3 (USA).
2nd Apple Blossom H. Gr.1 (USA), Milady H. Gr.1 (USA).
3rd Apple Blossom H. Gr.1
Not bad for free on Craigslist!