Moonlit Moment is coming home.

Sadly, a marvelous horse that we adopted out some years ago must come home to TF. Moonlit Moment will soon be here because his owner has developed health problems that make it impossible for her to continue to care for him. This has been a tremendously difficult decision for her, but it would appear that the best option is for him is to return to Tranquility Farm to wait for his next forever home.

The photo link is Moonlight Moment while he was still in training at Tranquility Farm in 2004. When he was here and we wanted to shoot any “how to” photos for ex-racehorses he was always our favorite subject because he could be counted upon to be patient and co-operative no matter how long we took with our project. He was a wonderful horse to be around.

Moonlit Moment is now twelve. He is a stout 16.2 hand gelding that has been living for the past five years as an all- around pleasure horse for a large and loving family. His adopter says that he is excellent with children, other horses, and all types of pets. Look for more updates and a current photo when he returns to TF next week.