Snowy's Mark 2009 filly

Yesterday at Del Mar, the last race was won by a chestnut colt named Warren's Doc Gus. Ironically, the dam of this colt,Snowy's Mark, was among the mares that Tranquility Farm rescued from a feedlot last year. This is Snowy, stressed and exhausted, on the day she was rescued.

This lovely little chestnut filly, who is a a half-sister to Warren's Doc Gus, is Snowy's Mark's 2009 filly. As I planned to introduce all of our weanlings individually, I'll begin with her. Snowy's filly is the first to come up for pets in the field, and she is totally confident and affectinate with people. I'm sure that when adopters come to meet these weanlings she will be among the first choosen for her sunny disposition and golden good looks.
Snowy's filly is a little talisman that reminds me that all Thoroughbreds that are racing or used for commercial breeding are walking the razor's edge between "wanted" and "unwanted". "Unwanted" has become the cliche invented to mask the despicable dumping of horses that is taking place all over our country. As if being "unwanted" by some unknown party at some particular moment in time excuses their betrayal.

There are still people who believe that there is something intrinsically wrong with "rescued" horses, and that there is a rationale for the slaughter of 120,000 American horses every year because they are "unwanted". Take a good look at Snowy's Mark and her filly; lost but for the grace of God.