In a meeting of Thoroughbred retirement organizations early this spring Karin Wagner of Neigh Savers brought to everyone’s attention the dire situation of a beautiful little filly named Fabuloso. She had sustained a fracture that required surgery, and she was stranded at the racetrack. Her owners intended to have her put down if no-one from the retirement community stepped forward to come to her immediate rescue. Fortunately for Fabuloso, there were angels listening in the sad silence that followed Karin’s plea for help.

With the aid of sponsors who prefer to remain anonymous, Fabuloso had surgery and came to Tranquility Farm for her rehabilitation. She is still in our rehab barn at the moment, but by fall we have every expectation that she will be fully recovered and ready to go to a permanent home.

There are certain horses that come to the farm who simply make me happy every time I go into the stall. Fabuloso is one of these. She is a touchstone that offsets all the times the responsibility for so many horses seems too hard, or becomes discouraging. Her sweet little face reminds me every day that there are truly angels among us.