Small victories.

For every race there is a win picture, something you can cherish forever to remind you of the hard work and luck that went into the moment. Here in the world of horse rescue, we also have our own small victories to celebrate, sometimes against all odds, with an extraordinary amount of luck. For us there is no purse, only the memory to last a lifetime.
This beautiful chestnut is the Chilean racehorse Geronimo, a veteran 42 starts and graded stakes winner of $463,750, who arrived at Tranquility Farm penniless on three legs in 2008. He survived, and after a year and a half of rehabilitation he is finally able to go out into the pasture and live the good life. His new best friend is Stormin Away, a multiple stakes winner of $414,961 who was unwanted after having been given away at the racetrack to perform a new job that he could never do. Two lucky horses that would have surely been lost except for our confidence in our supporters. If you have ever donated to Tranquility Farm, or are considering making a donation to Tranquility Farm, this photo is our way of saying "Thank you", and the reason we ask for your continued SUPPORT.