Who will be our first 2010 adoption?

January is always an exciting month. The weanlings are suddenly yearlings, and the yearlings from last year have turned two and are finally getting to the age where adopters begin to take a real interest in them. There is a lot of patience involved in gettting horses adopted, whether you are raising young ones to training age or working through a long rehab, it is just never quick and easy but seeing these beautiful healthy horses makes it worth the wait. Here are our brand new shiney two-year- olds, Brighter Stars and McCoullagh. These beautiful boys have been recently gelded and they are going to make gorgeous sporthorses. Now is the perfect time to begin their training!
Brighter Stars by High Brite out of Grandjean, born Feb. 2008.
McCoullahg, by Race For Glory out of Celize, born Mar. 2008.