More Adoptions!

The past week has been very busy at Tranquility Farm, and we have had lots of people visiting us looking for good horses. They came to the right place, and everyone has had a hard time deciding which of our many beauties to take home and make their own. I tell everyone the same thing, to let their heart make the choice. This may seem counter-intuitive in a time when so many horses are considered to only to have value based upon how fast they can run or how high they can jump.

But I have been blessed to live with horses long enough that I have seen the love that lives forever in the old one's eyes, and to me it is the ultimate reward, long after their races are run. Its a well-kept secret, how much horses care for humans, and visitors to Tranquility Farm marvel when we walk out into a pasture full of retired horses and they literally get mobbed for pets and affection.You see horses never give up on humans,so there might still be hope for us.
Congratulations to the lucky new owners of Sea Kris and Seeking Perfection, who made the wise choice and followed their hearts.