Help the horses!

We had a magnificent sunset tonight after a week of raging storms, and walking out among the horses as I do each evening I marveled once again at the collection of beautiful souls that have somehow found their way through the minefield of horse existence to reach safety at our farm. And when I returned from the evening chores, this e mail was waiting….

A hearing on HR503 The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act is on the agenda for the House Judiciary Committee Feb 2,2010, at 4:00 pm.

It means if this legislation is ever enacted that horses will not be trucked from across the entire western United States to be hacked to death by machetes in Mexico. I’m sorry people but there is no genteel way of describing the horrific death of horses that are sold through our southern border for slaughter.

It means that horses from the east coast will not be trucked for days without food and water to meet their doom in a Canadian slaughterhouse. When you combine these statistics we are talking about more than 100, 000 American horses every year.

Above all the passage of this legislation would mean that the will of the American people, who have overwhelmingly supported a total ban on horse slaughter in the US at every asking, would finally have their voices heard in the halls of Congress.

Once again, my friends, we must overcome cynicism, apathy and despair. We can CONTACT OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES TO LEARN HOW THEY HAVE VOTED IN THE PAST AND TO ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR HR 503.

And we can CONTACT THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE to ask that they allow this simple and straightforward bill to come to the floor of the house for a vote. We can make them abundantly aware that any American horse that is killed for consumption in a foreign culture, for foreign profit, is an outrage to the fundamental values of our society. Make your voices heard!!