A Special Message To Adopters

Dear Adopters and Potential Adopters,

If you have just been to the feed store and came home to have a little cry, don't feel alone. This is a scary year for horse owners and horse lovers, and it is more important than ever for those of us who rescue and rehome horses to have the support of the horse community. No one, no matter how hard they try, can keep abreast of the rising cost of caring for multiple horses. For Tranquility Farm, timely adoptions are critical to our ability to help the horses, and we are caring for far too many wonderful adoption candidates who need your help to find homes!

And so, to give everyone some much needed cheer and inspiration, we would like to share a video of first-time horse owner Doug Johnson of Washington, and his rescued mare, Warren's Sassy Cat. Here is Doug's reward for compassion, faith, and the abiding knowledge that a Thoroughbred deserves so much better than to be treated as a running machine. ENJOY! If you are accessing this blog through the Tranquility Farm website you will have to enter "Sassy Leo Sayer Remix" when the YouTube search box comes up. Please visit Tranquility Farm soon for your new dancing partner!