Welcome back Kickin Stars

Previously I posted a piece on the blog about the rescue of Kickin Stars, the unassuming little mare saved from a feedlot last spring after racing thirty-nine times. When she arrived here she was injured, confused, and very hesitant about trusting people.Her spirit was broken, something hard to define, but you know it when you see it. She was shy to the point of being unresponsive, and the only time she did relate much to humans was when she had a sense of being comforted. Kickin Stars was one depressed little mare.

She also lacked confidence with other horses, and the best result we got with her was letting her be in a paddock adjoining another group of young mares who were happy, gregarious, and friendly to humans. We hoped it might rub off. Over the summer things slowly improved and she came more willingly to her halter and obviously looked forward to her turn out time across the fence from the other mares. Little by little she gained her confidence, until the day arrived when we could see she was ready to join the herd.

This photo was taken yesterday of the beautiful Kickin Stars, and you can see the spirit has returned to her eyes. Her rehabilitation has healed more than her injured legs, and when the right family comes along to give her love and security she can now be offered for adoption. Welcome back Kickin Stars!