The M and M fillies.

If you have ever raised a daughter you know that the moment just arrives and it overwhelms you. Suddenly your little girl has transformed into a beautiful young woman. She has arrived. Ready for her first dance, her first car, and oh so suddenly, ready to leave her home. It sneaks up on you.
In the same way the newly mature beauty of the two-year- old fillies that we have raised here at Tranquility Farm has taken me by surprise. I have seen them every day of their lives, but through the camera they suddenly look amazingly grown up when I freeze time. I call these fillies the M and M’s: Margaret’s Image, Callthewindmariah, Seattle Moonshine, and Minnahunie, ready now to be offered as sport and pleasure horses to real lifetime homes. These are special girls, each a gentle soul with a wonderful personality, and sadly, ready to fly the nest.