THE YOUNG HORSES BELOW ARE CURRENTLY IN TRAINING AND READY FOR ADOPTION. WE HAVE MANY MORE NICE PROSPECTS SOON TO BE LISTED! MARGARET'S IMAGE 2007 16.3 hand dark bay un-raced mare. Margaret has entered training and is doing wonderfully in her first 30 days. She easily accepted a rider and is making great progress with each ride. Margaret has the looks, talent and class to make a wonderful event prospect or all around fun horse!

CALLTHEWINDMARIAH has entered training with Lindsay Mumm of Ojai, CA. Mariah is a 2007 16.1 hand bay mare who was born at Tranquility Farm from a rescued broodmare. She is a long catty mover with beautiful gaits and an affectionate, intelligent personality. She is a natural for the hunter ring! Mariah is progressing well under saddle.

BETTYBOOMBOOM, 2006 16 h dark bay mare, has a natural talent for dressage and is quiet and tractable for an intermediate rider. She raced 14 times and has a solid work ethic and lovely way of going. Betty is very confident under saddle but needs a kind owner to give her emotional support and make her feel special.

MINNAHUNI, 2007 15.3 solid seal brown mare, unraced. Minnie is now performing beautifully as a trail horse both solo and in company. She has one of the nicest dispositions you can imagine, and she has the potential to make a lovely show horse with future training.She is ready to go to her forever home.ADOPTION PENDING.

BUCKYSUE, 2007 16.2 hand solid bay mare. Buckysue did very well in her retraining as a trail horse and went quietly in company and by herself. She has physical limitations that make her suitable for light trail riding but not arena work or jumping. If you are looking for a quiet, loving horse for pleasure rides and to be your best friend, please give us a call about Buckysue.

McCOUGHALLAH 2008 16 hand solid black gelding. Rarely a Thoroughbred comes along that looks and acts for all the world as if he wants to be a western performance horse. Meet McCoullagh! McCoullagh is unraced, and was raised here at Tranquility Farm from a rescued mare. He has completed his basic training, goes quietly and has an excellent work ethic. He has returned to Tranquility Farm to await adoption. Call for updates.


BION has been adopted!