Wise One finds his person

An adopter recently wrote to TF with some questions about her horse, and she said “I see that he was there for adoption for a long time.” Welcome to the new economy. Adoptions are becoming ever more problematic as people struggle to survive. But if your dream is to share your life with a fabulous horse don’t give it up. Your can never get it back.
And so it was that a young lady named Samantha walked out into the pasture where Wise One was free to play, long-haired and muddy, his wild mane flying in the wind. “Exactly the horse I have looked so long for,” she said, and her eyes were glowing.

There are more than 100 horses at Tranquility Farm. With a few exceptions they are all available for adoption. They are best friends, grannies for your kids, companion horses, and they are sport horse prospects that are as good as you can find anywhere. All refugees, all exceptional, all waiting… call us.