In Memory of Sweet JC

Photo courtesy of Big Heart Ranch.

Yesterday we received the very sad news of the death of one of our adopted horses, Sweet JC, in a pasture accident. JC's short life had a special meaning, as he was unsuccessful as a racehorse and found himself unwanted and homeless at age three. But every horse has their gift if only the right key is found to fit the lock, and for JC, that key was the love he gave to disabled and autistic children at Big Heart Ranch in Malibu CA.

His owner writes "He was truly the sweetest horse I have ever known, and I miss him dearly. I am so sorry to report this to you. He touched the lives of thousands of kids and adults and made a real difference. I will never forget the great times we had together, he taught me so much and I will love and miss him forever."

To learn about the wonderful work that gave such special meaning to the life of a little rescued horse visit Big Heart Ranch in Malibu. I'm sure they will deeply appreciate any donations to their program in memory of Sweet JC.