We had our first real blizzard of the season last night, a beautiful whiteout that brings all the horses from the individual paddocks into their stalls. We had 38 horses in the barn last night, and today there are 38 stalls to clean, but who counts? The horses looked really surprised to see it snowing so hard.
Early this morning they all waited eagerly for their breakfast. Even with their shelters I always worry about the pasture horses when we have a really bad storm, but they seem to thrive in the weather.
After all the pasture horses were fed it was time to take the rest out of the barn..
There were some lovely dances….FABULOSO And bedlam when the weanlings went out the door. For their own good we put them in a small paddock today instead of the pasture.
I really didn’t need to see how fast they could run in the snow before they figured out it took ten lengths to stop.