Capricho is Adopted!

Two-year-old Capricho is the kind of horse who is sure to catch the artist's eye. Tall and elegant, he is hard to pass by without stopping to admire. And that is exactly how his adoption came about. Artist Kelly McLane was not really looking for a "baby horse". What she had in mind was one of our former racehorses that could be started in training for hunters. But then she saw him, saw his kindness and sweet, trusting eye, and she couldn't stop thinking about him. It took Kelly days to committ to the time it would take to train a horse from scratch, but when she left Tranquility Farm the day she met Capricho she took with her a video of him moving beautifully and being carefully mindful as he was worked. It did the trick. Capricho will soon be leaving for his lifetime home with Kelly. He might be the subject of a beautiful painting someday,but for now, it is enough that he will be well-loved.

AND Zenyatta says "PLEASE don't forget to ORDER your beautiful 2010 In the Presence of Champions Calendar starring me!"
All proceeds go to feed the horses at Tranquility Farm.